Here are the things to do when you have a data breach

Reputation management and data breach are two phrases you don’t want to see together. A data breach can truly cause serious damages to the company, both financial and reputational. A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment where anyone can access those private data and which is no more a ‘private’.

We know that data breach are worse but still it has happened. So what to do?
Here are the few things which you can do if you ever had a data breach.


1) Notify immediately

First and the foremost thing which you have to do is to notify the affected individuals/customers/clients about the data breach which you had recently. It can be done via email, notification, social media post or press release.


2) Notify what information has been breached.

Here’ you also have to mention what amount of data has been compromised or what are the PII details have been compromised. For example, the breach might only contain some PII details like Name, email, address, phone number or the entire details.


3) Request for Modification

After the incident and with your notification user/customer/client might not feel bit insecure so you can ask them to reset their password to a new and other information as per required.


4) Investigating the incident

Now here comes your internal part which is to investigate your data breach. How it happened and why it happened, time when it happened. Meanwhile, you can also contact the legal authority to investigate the data breach.


5) Find & Mitigating Vulnerabilities.

Now, once you find out the vulnerabilities on your application or system you should patch them immediately and also inform your customers about the patch and notify them their data is now safe and secure.


6) Protection against Future Incidents

Now, you have learned your lesson and now you don’t want this incident to repeat again. In order to prevent this kind of breaches all you need to do is perform Penetration testing of your application or system to find out the vulnerabilities which exist on your system.

If you haven’t gone through data breach yet, you never know so its better to secure your environment beforehand and if you are looking for that kind of security services then do check out our services.



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